Oslo – two years later

The last couple of days have been spend in the company of such a dear friend of mine. She wrote me some time ago to ask if I wanted to go to Oslo with her, for six hours. Like what!? She won a cruise at the “Oslo boat”, which would include two nights on a […]

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Withdrawal symptoms

Guys, Insta was down yesterday and I couldn’t deal with it. And that is kinda sad, but the truth non the less. Of course using social media is – ones I get my freelance life up and running – part of my work-life, but those who follow me will know that is also just a […]

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Honesty #2

A while ago I made a post about honesty. It was about telling the truth and – in human interactions – not to play the game. I would like to extend it with a note about just being kind. If you tell the truth to someone, not with the intent of being harmful, but with […]

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