People I admire #4: Daniella

Reklame // Inviteret: so since I am mixing this post with an experience I had yesterday, I will have you know that I was invited to this event. It doesn’t change my perception tho – but I think you know that?  Can you imagine fields of wild grass, trees as old as time and birds […]

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Remember the positivity

The beginning of this little gathering of words might come off as complaining or a negative vibe, but that is not my intention… Just keep reading. I wanna talk about something that has become so, so clear to me the last couple of days. I was already aware, but the degree is beginning to scare […]

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Porto as a quick fix

Before going to Esposende – where I am writing this – two days in Porto happened. Because I actually left the premises. On an airplane. Which was much needed for my sanity. I went with Maria – that wonderful girl who usually accompanies me to the airport and then waves goodbye – because it was […]

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