Endless summer vibes

I don’t know if it’s a positive mind, an unforeseen amount of good luck or just reality, but I have had the best summer. I keep hearing people talk about what shitty summer it has been, with bad weather and cold temperatures, and I simply hasn’t experienced it? Did I misunderstand something or are people overreacting? One of the two is bothering me (I don’t quite know which). 

Beach house sunsets are so amazing. Often there is no wind and the most beautiful colours!

Be it that I have just been at the right place at the right time, or maybe that people expect summer to always be 30 degrees – guys this is never the case in Denmark… Except of course that cray cray summer two years ago where I left the country. 

Anyhow… I have had my first proper holiday in two years and it was much needed. I have been out and about for most of it, and the first 14 days I only slept in my own bed one single night… The first. I started with a few days at my friends – with a trip to a second friend, and from there I went straight to my parents beach house. Granted there were times during the first week where a sweater was in order but I also got a solid tan and several hours on the terrace with a book. If that is not ideal danish summer, I don’t know what? Of course my parents beach house has a really clever way about it and the terrace is actually pretty hot from spring till autumn, so perhaps it was an easy win?

See… Sweater weather, but still all blue skies and sunshine.
A little bit of stormy skies, but look in that horisont!
My holiday also made for some walks…
… And tons of good food!

Now continuing with this eternal summer, I went to Løkken with one of my girls! This has been a dream for me since forever (I should really get a car so that I could just go!!) and it was B E A utiful! The West Coast was windy and not very warm, but we had high sun and hardly any clouds all week, which made for some pretty spectacular days. The first couple of days it was even too windy for my kites, but we spend them exploring and looking at nature… You can really feel as one with the elements by the West Coast, and this is one of the fascinations for me. 

It doesn’t get more West Coast than these boats if you ask me!
I didn’t go out for long (on shore wind) but it was so great to be back at it!
Coffee in Skagen is always a good idea… And Maria actually missed me and walk past… Proper camouflage.
I wrote it on my IG, but I’ll mention it here as well… Cant believe they moved this one!?
Clearly we had so much fun…
… And glorious sunsets in the ocean!

My north trip got extended – lucky me – and I only arrived back just in time to celebrate one of my best people turning 30… And then yesterday getting married… What a week he has had. 

Now I spend my last week home, and I got the apartment and everything ready for me to go back to work tomorrow, but I wanna highligt the last two nights… Because there is a point to all this summing up. Friday I had “after work wine” (good someone had been working) followed by dinner. Both outside! Then I went home but got invited for some drinks by a very dear one. Yesterday we did some surprise double wedding selebrations followed by a day by the harbour with beach volley and dancing and beer half the night. And these two days alone could be a definition of endless summer. That’s what they felt like. And I think that is my point here. I guess… I wanted to point out that little things can make the whole difference. An epic day with awesome people and sunshine for instance. If you focus on that, you might remember this summer as the one where you got back to remembering playing in stead of doing sports. The one where smiles and open minds made all the change or the one where you found out what is important to you? I know I did! 

… More walks…
Wedding celebrations…
More outstanding food!
And an outstanding evening last night! look at that sky.

I hope you all had some spectacular moments this summer! Treasure them.

Lots of love 

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