People I admire #4: Daniella

Reklame // Inviteret: so since I am mixing this post with an experience I had yesterday, I will have you know that I was invited to this event. It doesn’t change my perception tho - but I think you know that? 

Can you imagine fields of wild grass, trees as old as time and birds singing their lungs out in the evening light? And can you then imagine a group of women all having their mind set on community, spirituality and support for each other? That setting is exactly how my day ended yesterday. I was invited to join in on a healing meditation hosted by one of the most beautiful souls I know – Daniella Schmidt-Wojtynka – and the surroundings were brilliant. There really is something magical about being in nature and just accepting.

I mean how amazing is this setting? And then with a view over the fields!

Daniella – whom I actually wrote about for the first time in April 2017 (tho I didn’t mention her by name I just realised… How even??) – is part of my universe of spirituality, crystals, astrology, meditations, you name it, and she is such a rock to me! I go to her with all sorts of things, and I am ever so grateful to have her in my life! 

Daniella Schmidt-Wojtynka

So… She is developing a universe called Gro I Ro (slow growing, one might translate it into??), and that was exactly the theme of yesterday. Everyone had their own agenda and the goal was to set an intention of what you wanted out of the day – big or small. We started under the biggest tree, in the most beautiful settings, but nature’s irony wanted something else. After about half an hour the sky opened and it was pouring down. We sat for a bit longer – since acceptance of once surrounding can be a powerful thing, but in the end we moved inside. Now that changed the feel a bit, but not the effect, and all in all I would recommend everyone to do a bit (read: lot) of work on themselves once in a while! 

Now back to Dani, cause she is really the one I wanna celebrate with this post. I just re-read my first post about her, and you can read it here, and what strikes me is how close I was to figuring some things out – and still yet so far away from realising it. I am telling you this because this is exactly something that would make Dani smile – laugh even. Now I described her job as ideal, and little did either of us know (or I didn’t, at least) that she would stop and completely change her situation not long after this. The interesting thing, however, is that my description still holds. She still – even more than before – occupies herself with something that makes complete sense to her. She is focused on making her everyday life and work life melt into one and there really is a solid passion behind everything she does! 

And THAT, ladies (and gentlemen??), REALLY inspires me! Everyday, and all the time. I think it is something to strive for, and while everything should not always be about work, no one can deny that it is a big part of everyones lives. 

If you don’t already, I think you should give Gro I Ro a follow (primarily if you are Danish, I guess) and if it holds any interest she was also the one hosting me for a solo retreat last year in May (read about it here).

You get it, right? This is just perfect… And reminds me a bit about the prairie at my parents place.

Anyways… Basically I just wanted to say that by chance this woman became one of the most important people in my life and the second I arrive at her place I feel 100% at peace… And on that note… Have a wonderful weekend. 

Lots of love 

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