I absolutely define as both!

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Esposende. Recently returned from this wonderful place. The Portuguese people are adorbs and Esposende as a city is kinda cute. It does not have a lot of great architecture and it’s not a very touristy place, so I guess people really only travel there for the same reason as me: kite and surf.

I mainly travelled one specific road. The coastline. The LaPoint villa, where we were living (I won that IG giveaway from Therese Taabbel, remember?) were approximately 10 mins away from the boat that took us to the beach, but we had bikes and Esposende has broad, nice looking biking and pedestrian areas – not that the locals know the one from the other, even with the bike sign. But seriously. Denmark could learn a thing or two here. Just saying. Or actually, come to think of it. Odense is starting to look promising on this regard. In the inner city. If you look past all the construction still going on. But still. 

Anyhow, I was there for kiting… And surfing… So that’s what we are gonna talk about now. Cause there is an issue that is bothering me a bit. When talking to fellow ocean souls, they have a tendency to put themselves in boxes. Not strict boxes with no wholes, but boxes non the less. 

Let me explain. First of all, I am aware that I am generalising now, but bear with me for a moment.  A lot of the people, that I meet on the water, define as either surfer or kitesurfer. Not that they don’t sometimes do both – there is that water link, you know – but they still tend to define. Or, as I pointed out above; put themselves in a box. And I have issues with this. Not that it is not perfectly okay to do this, but I am just not there. And sometimes, because I am not defining as either/or, I feel wrong. Or fake. Or not committed enough. 

Photo Maria Bjerg // Last day is Esposende, we had a sneaky mid day session, with only five people on the water. Such a privilege.

I know!! Okay!? I know that this is overreacting and that I am not fake or whatever, and after the last couple of years, that I have kinda spend soul searching, I do understand why I am not defining as either/or (it’s something about my zodiac sign, and before you tap out, I’ll save this for another post). Because I don’t (as I said). I absolutely define as both!

Back when I was in Zanzibar, I wrote two posts about how I feel about the different disciplines, and why I see them as two very different experiences. And for this specific reason I also feel that there is a strong justification in defining as both. It’s about what you need on a specific day or in a specific mood, and that is kinda key for me. You know, that thing about listening to your body has becoming quite important and I really try to focus on this. And also, it’s about restrictions – or the need not to have them, to be more precise. 

If you wanna read my two old posts, you can do so here, there is one about surf and one about kitesurfing
Photo Dutzi // From my last day of surfing. Epic stoke!

Anyway. Let’s go back to that trip of mine. What I really love about travelling with a sport, is how fast you connect with people. I stayed at the LaPoint villa, where you are living with aprox 10 other people, so without having to force it, you connect with new people in an instance. But this was not the best part. The best part for me, was – and is always – the beach and the ocean. And here, once again, I made amazing acquaintances that I hope I will be able to stay in contact with in the future.  

I mean, I have done it before. In Zanzibar. And the more I expand my surfing and kitesurfing network, the more chances I will have to meet up with people, all sorts of places, doing what we all love. Be one with that favourite element of ours. So thank you universe, for giving me these opportunities, and thank you for the wonderful people I meet along the way.

Photo Maria Bjerg // When there is so much wind, you need to hold on to a 7m. And it was not even my 7m.
Photo Maria Bjerg // Beach life in Esposende is pretty chilled actually.

Uh and you know what? maybe… Just maybe, I am going on the water this weekend, don’t know yet, but if it pans out… 

Lots of love

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