Porto as a quick fix

Before going to Esposende – where I am writing this – two days in Porto happened. Because I actually left the premises. On an airplane. Which was much needed for my sanity. I went with Maria – that wonderful girl who usually accompanies me to the airport and then waves goodbye – because it was about time we took a trip together. We talked about it for ages and now it finally happened.  

For me, city holidays should mainly include a bit of culture, a lot of walking, water (you know… Rivers or ocean) if possible and amazing food. And let me just make this clear for you: this is exactly what happened. 

I don’t know what I expected, but I instantly fell in love with Porto. The people are so sweet and welcoming and the city is ever so adorable. Of course (like all bigger cities) there are areas that could use a touch up, but the streets are surprisingly clean and then there is this extra detail that really made us gaze in wonder: the city is covered in tiles. Mainly blue and mainly floral but tiles everywhere. I have never seen anything like it, but I would recommend everyone to check it out. And then there are the old buildings. They are everywhere and they are beautifully mixed with newer architecture, which gives the city quite a nice balance. 

Cutest little cafe attached to a hotel.

We stayed right in the city center with a short walk to everywhere and right next to this beautiful old church. On top of that, it just so happed that we lived right on top this cafe that made the most delish breakfast. A breakfast that also really appealed to the eyes, which is kinda key for me. Should we call it an occupational hazard?

And speaking of occupational hazards, I tend to seek out places that are as appealing to the eyes as they are to whatever they are ment for. And for this reason I really have to point out our best lunch in Porto. We went to the Terrace Lounge 360º and what a view. And what a lunch btw. Just saying.

We topped up our lunch with a visit to Taylor’s Port House. Totally recommend it!

Anyhow. This ended up being a bit of a food rand but basically. Go visit Porto if possible. It’s a great spot for a quick get away. Now I’ll go surfing.

Lots of love

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