Break out of your bad habits

I talked a little about it on my Instagram account the other day, but I would actually like to elaborate. I happen to see myself as quite the cheery type, but lately – hence my latest post – I have been in a bit of a gloom. I believe it is changing again and I am very pleased. I do, however, believe it is of my own doing, and let me tell you why:

First of all, it comes very natural to me – being happy. I suspect it is a coping mechanism (sometimes), but if thats the case, I can live with that. It allowed me to get over heartbreaks, hectic times and heavy arguments, and that works for me. 

I am very, very bad at holding a grudge – to the point where people get annoyed on my behalf and I tell them that they should get over it since I have long moved on – and I think that these two personality traits of mine, work in a form of symbiosis. It least when it comes to heartbreaks, arguments and I suspect, being treated horribly. 

Now, the reason – I think – I was in such a gloom was part due to a self-inflicted “stress” level (i put stress in inverted commas since I have quite a high respect for stress, and that is not what I had) regarding all my projects caused by slightly bad management and seriously bad timing sprayed with a bit of Christmas holiday. The other reason I was feeling like *%€&#, I think was a feeling of hopelessness regarding my future, but I do believe it hits all of us sometimes. 

Here is my solution however: Force yourself out of your bad habits. Seriously. I feel the happiest when I am busy with things I love, but sometimes it tilts me over – it is such a knife-edge to balance on for me. When I feel too busy, I seriously sabotage my own life, and I know I am not the only one. If I’m behind on a schedule and I am at home, I turn on a movie or start doing the dishes. What is up with that!? 

Now Thursday I was writing on a piece for Bæredygtig By dangerously nearing a postponed deadline, and actually it was an article that I was looking forward to writing. I published it all the way to the end even though I have had weeks to prepare it, but prior to this Thursday, I spend days and days, opening the document, looking at words already written, listening to the interview, getting all ready and then shutting it down. I knew it was counterproductive but I couldn’t help it. 

Whenever I get in this state, I now know what I need to do (I think I knew before, but at least I was reminded again). I need to leave the house. I went to a cafe, but whatever works for you – remember that. I need to be amongst people, because I will feel embarrassed if I am then not productive, and further more I like the vibe. I like being myself but still surrounded, I like dressing up and getting out of my sweatpants (yes, it truly helps), and I can’t help it… I like looking busy and in control. If I look it, it changes me. I guess it’s a real life inaction on “fake it till you make it”? 

So anyways. Ones again: Break out of your bad habits and find time to do what actually inspires you and makes you happy. 

Now how is this for a new and improved focus on this blog of mine… You are very welcome… 

Okay, jokes aside: please if you found this interesting, inspiring or just vaguely familiar, please comment below. It would mean a lot to hear your thought.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I spend mine with family and then this afternoon with wonderful Lisbeth, who has the blog Moonligt Madness, drinking coffee and shooting some pictures. Such a star, this one.

Anyways. Cheers and lots of love