Hello, life of the unemployed 

My current spot. Uh and I forgot to mention… I had my arm inked.

Sometimes I get the feeling that leaving a place, a situation or people is harder on others, compared to me. Not to say that I don’t get sad and that it makes for big changes – especially leaving important people – but for me, it is never truly goodbye. It might be that I live in the bliss of ignorance, but then please, let me stay here.  Continue reading “Hello, life of the unemployed “

Something about opportunities

Morning session.
*Note: Something happened to this post, so now it has been re-uploaded, but have no clue if I wrote the same captions to the pictures. They still fit though. African internet you know.

So, this took me a bit more than a month, which is silly actually. I guess that happens sometimes, when occupied with other things. I have moved to Zanzibar, Africa, for a short time and I can only recommend it. It’s weird, but for me it works kind of like a soft transcendence form uni-life to adult-life with so much chill time but still some actual work hours.  Continue reading “Something about opportunities”