Classic breakfast for monday mornings… That’s when I am watching Game of Thrones with my brother. More or less out sole tradition in this apartment. (And yes… He thinks I am completely ridicules for taking pictures of it)

You all know that I have had quite a long holiday, this summer. I have enjoyed it, for sure, but I have also come to realize something. Continue reading “Boredom”

My Tinderbox

Outfit of day 3! Back to my “black-outfit-roots” // Photo by my sweet friend Anne

It’s been almost a week, and I still reap the joy from it. This morning started with a run and a workout, and then I went home to prepare my brothers birthday breakfast. Continue reading “My Tinderbox”

The past

Standard breakfast before going to school… Where I am going after posting this.

Sometimes something from your past keeps haunting you. It’s not always bad things, but it is things that for some reason has ended. It can be friendships, relationships, school, a city that you lived in or whatever. Continue reading “The past”