Rounding up – Zanzibar 2018

Let me talk a little about the last couple of days on this island. Because I leave tomorrow! Can you believe it, because I can not!? The whole experience has been absolutely glorious and completely excruciating and frustrating at the same time. Mostly the first bit, luckily.  Yesterday I was asked what the best part […]

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Do you know those girls (or boys) who play “the game”!? Like, “you have to wait this and this long to write” or “you wrote or called last, so don’t do it now”. I am not one of those… at all. I simply don’t know how to. And this does not only apply to for […]

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And finally there was proof

My original – and most pressing – goal of coming to Zanzibar in the first place, was to learn the intense art of kitesurfing. I’ll call it intense because in contrast to wave surfing, this sport requires a great deal of equipment, it’s dealing with great powers of nature and it is absolutely thrilling.  The […]

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