Something about opportunities

Morning session.
*Note: Something happened to this post, so now it has been re-uploaded, but have no clue if I wrote the same captions to the pictures. They still fit though. African internet you know.

So, this took me a bit more than a month, which is silly actually. I guess that happens sometimes, when occupied with other things. I have moved to Zanzibar, Africa, for a short time and I can only recommend it. It’s weird, but for me it works kind of like a soft transcendence form uni-life to adult-life with so much chill time but still some actual work hours.  Continue reading “Something about opportunities”

Speltfar Café

Thought I would have at least one picture of my new hair, still straightened. If you follow me on instagram, you might have noticed it got back to curly in the evening.

Yesterday I slept in and I cleaned the whole flat. I was having people over in the evening, so I kind of had to. But in between all of these things I had breakfast, and I would like to bring a recommendation, to those of you who have not yet been there. Continue reading “Speltfar Café”