A challenge and a collapsing backbone!?

I thought it was about time I wrote some words down, and combined with watching a series with beautiful british accents I feel absolutely inspired. That is the thing… Words inspire me to write, isn’t it wonderful? And then it combines with being a Tuesday! Yay, let’s bring back #tuesdaythoughts from the past.

New year, new me – could it get any more cliché than that? However, this is how I feel, and yet I find myself struggling. Like a spoiled brat who have always had her world served on a silver platter, and now find that things and skills require some degree of effort. 

I find that I have a lot of things to be grateful for, but I have also come to realise that this pandemic haunting us actually has a physical effect on me – no wonder, everything (including my boxing facilities) have been shut down. Now this forced me to evaluate. I am in need of movement, but a have almost zero capacity for followthrough these days, so I thought I would design myself a challenge that would tackle both issues – because why have it easy (it’s the Aries and the Sagittarius in combination, speaking here, I guess?).

I decided to challenge myself to a minimum of 30 minutes of movements every day, for 30 days. Four days in and I am already struggling. It doesn’t have to be high pulse or heavy work, but some level of movement is required. 

Mari, right after doing her thing! Yeeeew
Absolutely adorable location, Flyvesandet, that actually reminded me about some of the western areas somehow…

The first two days were a breeze. Stand Up Paddle Boarding on a Saturday and Kite Surfing on a Sunday, both days in prime (yet cold) conditions. What is not to like!? But then enters Monday – and what Monday… Monday post the holidays. Oh the horror! I did it however. Some half hearted yoga in front of my series, but I did it – and then we have today. Day four. How to solve my recurring issue? I have – as I am writing this – just returned home from a walk in the ghost town that I call home, so I have completed todays movement, but how come it has to be so difficult to me. 

I enjoy movement – I actually adore it – and yet, my backbone does not have my back, if you catch my drift. And it annoys me! I even go to the length of trying to tell myself it is okay to cheat… What!? Who am I cheating here? But this characteristic of mine is actually one of the reasons I got into this challenge to begin with. As I mentioned earlier. It happens ever so often to me. Not regarding work and not regarding helping others (I go above and beyond) but when it comes to helping myself!?

Do you guys encounter these sort of spinal collapses? Mind you, it’s not that I don’t like my movement after I am done, or even during… The issue lies in getting out of my very comfy bed ones I get home from work! 

Anyways. I spiced my walk up this evening with listening to a book about creativity and taking some pictures, and I quite enjoyed myself… Let’s see how I fare tomorrow.

Vintapperstræde never ceases to impress.
The Cathedral of Odense is such a beautiful one, especially by night.
I always enjoy heading down this street behind the museum of Brandts, and at night is no exception
And last but not least… How great is it that the Christmas lights haven’t been removed yet? Best January preset ever!

Lots of love

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