Current living #6 – We are just along for the ride!

This one has been cooking for a little while now, but I think I know what I wanna say… Or just about, anyway. Let’s see how it goes: It’s (among other things) about my latest obsession. It’s not a new obsession as such, but lately – perhaps with spring arriving – it has bloomed (no pun intended). It is – of course, one might add – my plants I am talking about.

The pictures are directly “stolen” from my other IG account, which you should absolutely follow, if you love interior decoration and plants as much as I do! Crazy Plant Lady AKA. @bylinejuul_planter

I love interior decoration, but even more, I love interior decoration with plants included! I love the link to nature, I love the change and I love the way a plant can bring personality into a room. They are living things, and I can feel that entering any given space. I really can! 

Now lately I have turned from having a few indoor plants to growing a smaller rainforest – and I believe I am not even close to done yet. This, of course, made me reflect a bit on why these plants speak to me. I have – through out the last couple of years – talked about my way of life. The thing I call Current Living. The thing about being present but still also being aware of the future and the past. The thing of flow. The thing of acceptance. I still believe that things happen for a reason (annoying as it can be) but I also believe in good groundwork – enter my plant obsession:

Now, as I said earlier: plants are living things. They exist on their own terms, but they are dependent on you. Think about that for a moment. You can’t force plants to do anything, and therein lies the beauty. You can give them good conditions, you can give them something to crawl on or turn them regularly so that they get sun from all sides, but one rarely knows where a new branch might grow and you are left to accept whatever happens. 

Some of my newest darlings! How adorbs!? I rescued them, and some of them are struggling a bit, but I hope I can make them survive!

This is not new knowledge, but it is wonderful to stop and think about, ones in a while, and use in your approach to other things. If you want something to happen, in your life, just go about it, thinking “let me give it the prime conditions of happening, and then don’t force anything”. Me being full blown fire – Sun: Aries, Ascendant: Sagittarius – I have a tendency of forcing things. I run into people, full steam ahead, sometimes resulting in counterproductive results. My moon, however, is Taurus (Earth) and in here, my feelings and my sense of security lies. No wonder I approach nature when I feel disconnected. 

I have all these hopes and dreams for my future, but I neither have the money or the possibility to act on them yet, but: what I can do, is figure out how to prepare, and start saving up! I don’t know if these dreams might ever come true, and if not, I am the kind of person who adjusts. I don’t go around moping because of what might have happened. But what I will do, is make those prime conditions…

One of my fave “corners” in the apartment!
The balcony is doing pretty great as well, btw!

… After today, because today I am going on my SUP, and nothing competes with open water!

Lots of love   

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