Remember the positivity

The beginning of this little gathering of words might come off as complaining or a negative vibe, but that is not my intention… Just keep reading. I wanna talk about something that has become so, so clear to me the last couple of days. I was already aware, but the degree is beginning to scare me. I lack physical contact with other (human) beings. 

I have – generally speaking – quite a big need for physical contact. I am fairly social (yup, I am underplaying this) and thrive in other peoples company. Not to say that I don’t sometimes need to be alone, but not for long at a time. But these times is taking their toll on me. One thing is that I don’t get to see friends and loved ones, but it’s the lack of hugs, high fives and eye contact that has started to affect me. 

It’s hard, we need to respect the distance to other people, but I really think it also teaches us something valuable – or I hope it does! To the people who are in relationships or have kids or a dog to hug: you have it good. Sorry, but you have! I have found a new respect/concern for people who are single (like ma-self right here) or elderly who live alone. Ones this is over peps, we need to give them all the hugs in the world. My body physically hurts and I have a weird empty feeling. 

… And like everything with me, these feelings don’t last for long. It comes in waves. Don’t get concerned for me, that is not my intention. My intention is just to highligt that – as scientists have said for years – we need physical contact to function. To stay happy and energised. So remember this, ones we are free to stay close again. Remember to hug your grandparents, to sit close on the couch and to surprise friends with a visit. 

Okay, moving on. Much like last week, I wanna talk about change. This time, however, not changes for me, but changes in general. I did mention that I think we will have a new normal after the pandemic haunting us has gone, and I wanna dive a little bit into this subject:

This is partly a hope and partly a prediction, but stay with me: I really hope that after this, people will get a new mindset. I hope we will see an increase in sustainable initiatives, I hope we will see more people volunteering and acting out of passion and a sense of responsibility, and I really hope more people will start valuing quality over quantity and experiences and interactions over possessions. At least this is my clear recommendation and if I can move one or two in here, I will be a very happy camper! 

Personally I am nuts for what I call everyday luxury – it can be a delicious breakfast, a perfectly made cup of coffee or sun rays on the balcony in the morning. And these are things that I have always treasured, but that has become very important to me the last couple of weeks, because what else do we have? Treasure the little things – like the hugs you can have (I forced one on my brother the other day) or the book you have time to read, and remember them. Positivity can spread like a full blown virus, and that is not a bad thing! 

That’s all
Lots of love

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