I think we will have a new “normal” after this

I feel like I ones and again have these gaps in my consistency. Like now – it has been what? 5 months of November since last I wrote. And that, by the way, is probably one of the main reasons… The 5 Novembers. This winter was one long struggle for me, being rainy all the time, me being confined to Denmark, looking for a job. Not at all motivating. And this is not to say that I am not appreciative of the system we have in Denmark. But it’s hard work for the bain, I’ll promise you that. 

Seriously… The amount of times I have sat at this very spot is ridiculous – but it remains one of my fave spots in the apartment. Primarily because of the plants.

But all that has changed, and I have found a shit load of energy. I got myself headhunted – more or less – and what a match. I get to work with sustainability, communication and with people – perfect combination for me. It has been two weeks now, and I barely had time for a breather, but things needed to be kicked into motion, and new people, new tasks and a showroom opening tomorrow will require a bit of work. 

But why, then, do I have time to write now? I don’t – really – but I can’t help it. It is time. I wanna write about change. And spring. And all the obvious things that is popping into my head. Like, how come things all arrive at the same time? Spring, new job, energy and that bobbly feeling one gets when you lock eyes with a gorgeous man? I didn’t lock any eyes with any strangers all winter and now (except for these past #covid19 days) it happens all the time. I love it! And the sun is back. You can really sense how much it affects us, when you see people lighting up like bright stars whenever there is just 2 seconds of sun rays (before the rain passes by again). It’s a clear sign of spring and I think we all deserve it by now. 

Another thing I have become quite aware of – these past November months – is my “skin-hunger” (Eeeeewww… Gross word!). Basically it is my need to be in contact with people – physically… you know, hugs and such. When spending as much time alone as I have, it becomes quite clear that human beings are pack animals. We need to be close to other individuals. Enter #covid19! wtf!! Now – when I am finally out amongst the living – it’s forbidden. As it should be, mind you, but still…

I mean who finds time to bake bread in the middle of getting used to a new job.

So status: I am ever so happy, filled with energy, ready for spring and sooo ready for the world to go more or less back to a reasonable level (I think we will have a new “normal” after all this…)

So good to get back at this
Lots of love

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