If you smile at a stranger in a rainstorm you might both end up laughing

I love the off-seasons. By that, I mean I love the change. I love when spring turns to summer and when summer turns to autumn. I love the wind that the autumn brings, I love that I am allowed to take out all of my sweaters and that the coffee never feels too warm. 

It is coming. I can feel it. I know it can sound a little strange perhaps, but stay with me for a second. It’s not yet so cold that you are freezing on your bike, and if that sky opens and all the rain in the world land on your head on your way, you will dry up. I promise. And you won’t be cold all day. But it does rain, and the rain in the late summer is a heavy kind. The kind that makes me laugh, because there is no way I can avoid getting soaked to the bone, so you might as well roll with it. 

And the light. There is nothing like the light in the off-seasons. It’s moody and shiny and mysterious and I am ever so fascinated by it. You can have golden light one second and the next a room turn completely dark because a raincloud has arrived. It’s non-predictable. You can control it, you just have to go with it. And for me, it’s a special kind of freedom. 

Photo Hans Asmussen // Can you see what I am talking about? This light is magnificent. This is from the spring, when I did some work for Vain Dane Athletic on their photoshoot at Kattegatcentret.

It’s still the season of the Lion, and as I understand it, it supposedly creates a drive. And I can feel it. Now. I am ever so motivated to get work done and I am extra happy. It’s not many days since I wrote my friend and heroin that I was lacking motivation, but as soon as I stated going to the office again and started getting some work in motion it all came back. I apparently just needed to get out of my cave – I could have told myself this, but sometimes that doesn’t really work. Do you know that feeling? 

Anyway. I just needed to share my season fascination, so here you have it. Hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday and please, please try to appreciate the season to come. Smile to a stranger in a rainstorm, and you might both end up laughing. 

Lots of love

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