A leap of faith and something about going for what you want

So, last week, I was kinda on a date (sorry mom, I lied). On a boat. Due to an impulsive judgementcall. But seriously guys… If we don’t trust our guts what can we then trust?

Anyways, when I wrote the following I was still there – doing some actual work, imagine that – and floating on the water. Probably everything I could dream of, right? Well, yeah! Actually. 

I mean, doing my work from here, is kinda okay! #ILoveMyLife

Okay, so here goes: Lately (or to be fair, the last couple of years) I have been more and more focused on doing what feels right. And turning it into a living. Unfortunately doing what feels right, does not always create instant cashflow, and I believe this can stop some from doing it. Going for what they want. The uncertainty of it. But I am so used to living on a non existing budget anyway, so why not? Why not try it out and see if it can work?

Anyway, I believe doing what feels right, creates a wonderful life on the long run, and I firmly believe that it is possible to create a life, build this way. It’s been working pretty well so far. But the thing is, I am being met by two kinds of people. Or three actually. The sceptic ones that think I should grow up and find a day job, in any given industry (these people clearly don’t know me). The ones that beam with pride on my behalf and give me all their support – and a bit of constructive resistance (I love you guys). And the ones who on the surface supports me, but also smiles overbearingly and just waits for me to face (their) reality. 

However, sorry guys, I will not. Your reality is yours and I love living in the bliss of ignorance – if that’s what it is – with wonders, amazing possibilities and new adventures. It might be that I really should begin to panic (?), but the urge hasn’t kicked in yet? And what if everything falls into place and it all works out? Why then, should I have worried? As Mr. Scamander said in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them:

“… Worrying means you suffer twice”

Mr. Scamander

I think Mr. Scamander is right (here you go, btw: the proof that I will never grow up). And I think we do well to remember it, when we face challenges. At least for myself, I really feel it works when I just “blindly” trust my instincts… And then adjust. Of course I need to think and be realistic ones in a while, but in the big scheme, it seems to be working. 

First thing that happens… Line can you just steer the boat. A little bit of panic and a lot of stoke.

Okay, a bit of a rand, but something I needed to get out.

Lots of love

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