Some cray cray weeks, but a lot of motivation

Okay, last I checked in, was right after Oslo, but the fun was no where near over. Straight outa the Oslo boat I went and enjoyed the sun in Copenhagen, far away from the youngsters at Distortion (Yeah, I’m somewhat of a grandma every now and again) with my lovely friend Linda. We actually have a horrible track record of being in the capital at different times and finally there was an overlap. Rock on. 

The reason that I was in Copenhagen though, was a long planed, absolutely wonderful reunion with two of my faves from Zanzibar. It was a time for visiting my beloved city as a tourist, and I love that. I got to experience new places, and it is always awesome to see something you love through someone else’s eyes. 

Manon Les Suites // Wauw, just wauw… When I come into money!
Kings Garden // Photobombed Sanne… Wupsiii.
Frederiksberg Gardens // Enough said <3
Nørrebro // Halfway through we had to say bye to Sanne, who had to go to a concert, but AMAZING to get to spend some time with such an amazing former colleague.
The Gefion Fountain // Two of Jess’ Parisians joined us for some of the days, and I absolutely adore them! Ohlolo – Très chic.
Christiania // Another one of Jess’ friends – from Italy – also bumping into us.

We were spoiled btw, and I wanna talk a little about network in this regard. We got to borrow one of my best friends apartment for free, and that was absolutely invaluable to me. It’s no secret that I am pretty broke, but I prioritise experiences over all, and we got to do so many lovely tings, because Maria helped us out. And lucky me, I got se have breakfast with her on the Sunday, before going back to Odense.

Snapshot from Marias apartment. You are such a star.

And this network thing… I could – and will – continue. I think the most beautiful thing, a person can give, is time. Not to anyone and not without thinking long and hard about who you invest in, but in general I find it such a beautiful thing to help others – no strings attached. And with that said…

After Copenhagen I was back home for four days, completely burned out. Tired from being surrounded by (amazing) people but also because it just takes energy to be present all the time. Four days though, of shooting, working and getting back on track. Clip to last friday where I – once again – went to Copenhagen, this time to… Give my time. I better live up to my own standards, right?

My best friend in the whole world, her wonderful man and their awesome kid was moving to Jutland, and I had promised to lend a hand for four days – Saturday though to Tuesday – packing and moving and unpacking. And what a wonderful home they now have. Good for you guys. 

This was until just 3 days ago, and one would think I could now relax? Think again. I now officially have a work spot in Odense, and combined with (soon) three very efficient workdays, I have also attended two (soon three) network meetings. Wednesday – Erhvervskvinder Fyn, yesterday – Odin Award and afterparty at CoWorking Plus and today Friday bar at Odeon.

I love it, and I am super motivated at the moment, but I think after tonight, I will enjoy a long overdue relaxing weekend. And some boxing tomorrow of course. 

Anyways, enjoy your weekend.
Lots of love

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