Oslo – two years later

The last couple of days have been spend in the company of such a dear friend of mine. She wrote me some time ago to ask if I wanted to go to Oslo with her, for six hours. Like what!? She won a cruise at the “Oslo boat”, which would include two nights on a ship and six hours in Oslo in between. Well, who is saying no to good company, water and Oslo?? Not me. Also in desperate need of leaving the country, sooo…

Anyhow, I started my Monday with a long overdue trip to the dentist (no issues), and then off with the train to Copenhagen, S-train to Nordhavn and onboard the DFDS Seaways. Now, I am NOT a cruise-kinda-person, but I believe in getting the best out of any situation, and Mette and I don’t often have each other to ourselves in confined areas. That was so lovely, and just what the doctor ordered. 

Monday evening was quite the gambeling night – we won nothing though – with added drinks, wine and Italian food as well. The Oslo boat has a bit of a reputation in Denmark (The Norwegians call it “the Danish boat” I might add) and in some areas it completely lived up to my prejudice – like a very kitsch game host for one – but it also offered some nice surprises. Like the food (at a fair price I might add) and of course the marvellous view. 

Tuesday morning we got up at 8, to go have a breakfast buffet and please! Brunch while cruising into the fjord of Oslo…. There are not many things beating that (that is NOT true, but you get my point, right?). We were off the ship before 10 and both Mette and I are fairly comfortable with Oslo, which came in handy. What was even better: we were comfortable with different areas, so we took turns being tourguide. Perfect.

Entering the castle of Akershus…
… And exiting at the other side.
Right before entering Aker Brygge.

Of course we visited my fave spot: Aker Brygge – I went there two years ago with uni, and nothing changed (in a good way, that is). We were almost as lucky with the weather, it was less crowded and the water was magnificent. We also, however, did less insta-friendly things, the most important one, visiting the 22nd July Center, in the center of Oslo. This memorial is made with such respect and love, and it truly moved me. I had goosebumps and was completely silenced (imagine that)! If ever you go to Oslo, please go see it. It’s a free entrance and the employees are such sweet people!

The 22nd July center and an image of Utøya.

Back to awesome things: Food. Before going back on our boat we went to Vippa – Oslo’s street food hall, and YUM! Right by the water – yet again – and awesome vibe. And also, it was right next to our boat and after walking a total of 16 km we were happy just to sit there in the sun until it was sailing time. 

This is a long and weird post I suspect, but I’m almost there. I do have a point with writing.

Back on the boat – with supermarket snacks. Money don’t hang on the trees you know. We thought we would go to the spa. We were hoping for bubblebath and a view. Enter: no windows and a million kids. No thanks. So we went to the bar and end up getting two very comfortable chairs at the very end of the ship with panorama view of the fjord – and a cup of coffee. Then “Mette the gambler” got us involved in a music quiz and who wins a big bottle of champaign? Yup you are right. Night saved. So champaign, popcorn, sunset and complete ocean view. And just quiet time with Mette. I can remember much recently that beats this. 

The best spot for me… At any time… is on water.

And here is my point. If you spend intense time (more than 24 hours) with just one person, I think you get in sync in a way, and relax enough to just be. And we did. It was so lovely. Thank you SO much for taking me sweety. That the boat started tipping like crazy and we were super pressed when going to bed, is another horrifying story. Laying flat helped though. 

So sum-up. First two days of my very awesome week: Epic

You’ll get an update on the rest, when it has happened. 
Lots of love

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