So much energy and a bit of tears

This post is sponsored by Kindred Society, FYI

Some time ago I attended a retreat with Kindred Society, and I have been blown away, ever since. I have been filled with a sense of purpose and a lot of energy. Like… A scary amount of energy. 

It has taken me quite some time to write this, though. I don’t know what it has been, but I guess its a need for portraying this unique experience in the right way. So… Here goes nothing:

Driving through the suburbs of Odense, wandering where I was going, I arrived at the most beautiful, old, timbered house with thatched roof and wild flowers growing in the garden. I was blown away. So this was where I was going to spend 24 hours with no connection to any electronics? Okay, fine by me!

The place I went to, was (and still is, I might add) the home of Dani. I met her in 2017 (and wrote a post about her here on the blog – Please note the old picture and the blond, long hair?! WTF) and I have been absolutely fascinated by her ever since. She is such a kind soul, who knows what she wants, and seams to be going straight for it. Such an inspiration.

Anyhow, I was invited to be one of the first to try the new retreat she is offering – her company is called Kindred Society, btw – and I was so humbled by the request. 

So, this is where I was sleeping
The only other furniture in my room. No electricity and only candle lights. Wonderful.
The upstairs room I had all to myself, and downstairs is where we talked…

As I said, we arrived to this little (actually quite big) perl of a piece of land, and first things first, the sweetest golden retriever ever, comes to greet me. Then I got my room (kinda house) and I was left to unpack. The room was light, the vibe was completely balanced and there was a big, inviting bed in the middle of the room, that ended up being my sitting spot for a bit of diary writing. 

“… Jeg sidder midt på en madras, som ligger midt i et hvidt, vidunderligt loftsrum, fuldt af vinduer. Solen er lige brudt igennem udenfor og alting stråler.”


“… I’m sitting on top of a mattress, in the middle of a white, wonderful attic, full of windows. The sun just broke through outside and evertthing is glowing.” 

The two crystals on the picture, were the one I charged with my intentions… FYI.

Now, what is – for me – important to say, is that Dani and I have a kinda strange connection. (Even though) we don’t have the same zodiac sign, we have the same ascendant and the same moon sign. When we found out (before the retreat in question), she had goosebumps and I almost had tears in my eyes. It was so powerful and makes so much sense. There is a danish astrology podcast that I am stalking at the moment – Astro Pod – and one of the girls talk about “sharing the same ray” (at være på stråle med) another person. It is a unique (and rare?) thing to experience, but I think I found my ray-mate. 

This above was a bit out of context, but it was important for me to say, because it says something about the fact that we kept contact throughout a few years, without interacting much. I think we were ment to do so. 

Anyhow. Back to the retreat. 

To sum it up, in a way, there was a lot of talking, I had to set an intention for what I wanted to work with, and there was a lot of quiet. Now for those of you who know me, you know I have a lot of sound. I talk, I sing, my mind works fairly fast and I don’t always think before acting. Now, however, I was forced. I was forced to look inside, to feel and to evaluate, and that is a good thing for me. Like really. 

In general I am a very positive person (I think), and I don’t let things bring me down, but it turned out that I had something that was bothering me. So much that when I talked about it, tears came to my eyes – to my own surprise. It’s a silly thing, but quite important non the less. It’s something about just being me.

For years and years I have – not always on purpose – been protecting my surroundings by not being completely myself. I sometimes pay more attention to other peoples feelings than my own and I am not very good at saying no. At all actually. 

Now this was one of my main focusses during the retreat, and I must say, I can feel a difference. I feel a joy that I haven’t felt in a long time, and I don’t do a lot of (over)protecting. Not to say that you should be rude to others, because you shouldn’t, but you should be honest and fair to yourself! 

Dinner // Gluten free pasta, salmon and manchego cheese. Berries and chocolate for desert.
Breakfast // Omelet + chia porridge. Both with dried, wild flowers.

The retreat also included a lot of nature. Meditating in a forest, beautiful food, walking barefoot in the grass, crystal healing and many other things, but really that should be experienced on own body, so I am not gonna go into details with that today. 

Right there, meditation in the middle of the forest. Thank you Dani, it was magic!
And this was the view above.

All that I can say, is that I highly recommend a retreat with Kindred Society (and yes, it’s sponsored, but that’s not why I recommend it). In general I think we should be better at getting in contact with ourselves and this – for me – was a fantastic way of kickstarting it.

Have a wonderful weekend peeps.
Lots of love

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