Beach house, forced holiday and new energy

Just thought I would do a little recap of my easter (like everyone else, it seems). It’s not been extra eventful, but it has been very good for my soul. The first couple of days was spend in my parents beach house, having an easter lunch and being all practical with painting and stuff. They bought the house only last year, and there were (are) some things that needed fixing. 

I painted planks. In black. How boring is it allowed to sound (except from the fact that it is my colour, you know)? But actually it turned out rather meditative. Just painting black planks for two solid days. And I can tell you, you kinda get a routine.

No fear though! We also had plenty breaks, mornings dips (for me) in the ocean and walks in the sand. All the things that a holiday should include. And no internet, which was the best part. It’s a way of being forced into doing nothing, even though freelancing is a field where you can always do something. Especially in the start up.

The beach house is placed about 500m from the top of Langeland, and the tip is somewhere we always go, to see the water meet.
Sunsets and no wind. Absolutely stunning.
So, our two dogs really like to sleep up against something. In this case my leg. Good thing I had my coffee (or was it maybe a G&T), cause I was stuck here for some time.

Now, what I didn’t put into my calculations was that I would forget my computer there (because I brought it with me for one tiny, tiny task). Stupid. But my mind works in mysterious ways, and I tend to find a silver lining in everything. And so I did. I could get my computer back Monday (yesterday), so all of a sudden there were two extra days of forced holiday. Two extra days to stay in bed and watch series, two extra days to do long walks, and simply just two extra days to get new energy. Which is what I now have. So people in my surroundings – watch out. 

It’s Tuesday, I’m extra happy (suspect the weather has played a part here) and I am about to leave home for an awesome meeting. 

I send you all some amazing energy.

Lots of love

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