Withdrawal symptoms

Guys, Insta was down yesterday and I couldn’t deal with it. And that is kinda sad, but the truth non the less. Of course using social media is – ones I get my freelance life up and running – part of my work-life, but those who follow me will know that is also just a big part of my everyday life.

What you maybe don’t know, is the amount of times I just unlock my phone, click on the IG icon, scroll two pictures down, or zone out over various IG-stories. That needs to be controlled. Like now… Otherwise I fear I might run out of hours in the day. 

Time is said to be one of the most precious resources, and I agree. I actually find a great deal of joy in using social media – otherwise I shouldn’t work with it, right? But I would like to reach a point where it’s constructive and not just plain stupid use of it. 

Photo Lisbeth Vestergård // This is how I look, with panic in my eyes, when forced to communicate with me surroundings… Or something like that.

I guess – ones I get my show up and running – I will have to put my days into system anyway, and maybe IG needs to be part of that? And then I think – for the time being – I will start putting some restrictions on myself and maybe say that there is no SoMe time for me after 20.00 in the evening – except for working hours of course.

Does any of you have any good tips or trick on how to use your phones/computers/social medias with a purpose? If so, please write it in the comments below. 

Alright, that’s all for now… It’s 20 to 20, so I’ll be clocking out
Lots of love

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