Epic stoke and something about goals

Okay, so this one is just about me, my stoke, and a little about setting goals. I have been kiting here, most every day (think I skipped one or two) and had one surf trip down as well. This is just as I predicted and nothing crazy there. But super awesome, non the less.

However, I have been struggling with my transitions (basically the change from one side to the other without sitting in the water – for the non-kiters) since I got back, which was a bit annoying!

Mau & me // Just in from the water and this darling was such a treat to kite with, out there! Thanks Kaka!

But I did it now! Finally! And I am so stoked. It’s nothing major, at all, but for a rookie like me it’s just a little sign of progress.

Ibra & me // You know, if you look through images from my last trip here, you’ll find these guys in them.
Hassani // Last but not least, this dude. Such a funny one, this one.

My goal here is to nail just one trick (besides from this struggle with the transitions) and I think it’s about time that I start working on it. I feel confident in the water again, and what better time is there, to get your confidence a knock on the head then!?

So this is where I was sitting when I was writing this post, actually (right after a late lunch). And on my phone, at that, since I didn’t have my computer with me (which is also nice, every now and then)

And can we then generalise a little? The thing about setting goals… There is much to be said both pro and con (for instance one could argue that you should stay in the moment and not focus on what you can’t do yet) but I’m gonna go with pros for now.

I am this kind of person who is driven by dreams and therefor also goals, I suppose. It’s not like they can’t change over time, but for me, goals/dreams/call it what you want, keep pushing me and keeps making my life ever so wonderful. It makes me evolve, it makes me talk to people and therefore it keeps giving this awesome vibe.

Soooo… Whatever did I want to say with this? Dream big? Go for it (whatever that “it” is)? Just in resent time my goal setting has given me an extra trip to Africa, some amazing sessions on the water and slowly, slowly a way of living that I could only dream about. That’s not too bad! And as an added bonus, I’ve met so many beautiful people along the way, which really makes everyday special.

Anyways… It’s Monday, I’m gonna go see an awesome sunset over the jungle later and then dance to an awesome “Crazy Monday” jam session at Red Monkeys in Jambiani. Just perfect.

Lots of love

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