A fairly impulsive decision that makes completely sense

Okay guys, something came up and I have left the country (wups). I was feeling so blue come 2019 and I simply had to do something about it – cause I generally believe in making active changes. Therefore I chose to take a massive hit on the economic side of my life but a marvelous and so important choice on the social and mental side. I have left the cold north and gone back to Zanzibar. To kite, to surf and most importantly – to see people.

I haven’t written anything about it earlier, since I was surprising a few people – such a blast. How people get the funniest faces when things don’t add op, in their heads. 

Photo @Jess_in_bliss // One of the people I surprised was this sweety, Jake (Yes, you who have followed for long will know that he is my fave surf instructor! He got me on the waves!) I truly missed him SO much, and now I am leaching on to him every second I get.

Now, the second I decided to leave, my mood instantly liftet, and it has resultet in me figuring out what I want to do with my life – for the foreseeable future anyway. First of all, I don’t like to be on that unemployment-insurance we in Denmark call: dagpenge – I like to work. Second of all, everywhere I look, I find no job openings that spark anything for me. Okay, let’s be fair, that’s not completely true, but the few that I find have so many applicants that scoring the job will have to be like finding a needle in a haystack.  

What is a girl to do then? Look back in all of her many note books about future plans, dreams etc. and see if something pops out (spoiler alert – something did): go freelance, control your own life, have tons of varied tasks. So that’s what I am going to do, and it is going to be non-location-dependent. So that’s that. My plan – and my dream – is to work and travel at the same time. Can’t wait!

So why am I writing this? I have come to notice that I keep telling this story about me “planning to go freelance” in stead of it being a set thing. Like it’s an excuse. Like I can give up if it’s too hard. And it is not, and I won’t! So what I want to do with this post, is to focus on the story that you tell about yourself. It does not have to be about your work specifically, but as I see it we tell stories about our selves in any given situation, and I strongly believe that what you tell, is what will happen – or at least there is a bigger chance of it happening if you act like it is already a reality. So therefore: I am going freelance. There, I said it!

I never had those young years where I traveled (due to a lot of circumstances) but imagine if I could have them now? Imagine if I could take my work with me, anywhere in the world. That would truly be amazing. And that is what I am doing, back here on the island. Truly connecting with myself, figuring out what is important and acting on it. 

And before you think that I should have gone to a new place: this place has so many awesome people (and they are here now, so now was the time to go back), it is completely uncomplicated for me to be here, and when I have so many other things to deal with, it is wonderful to stay in a familiar place that still is so far, far from every day scandinavian life. 

Photo @Jess_in_bliss // Upendo Zanzibar
Michamvi sunset cruise
Photo @Laura.a // Another one who couldn’t believe I came by. Chui literally said: “Are you kidding me!?” Haha.. Soo good to see you dirty grandpa!
Last but def. not least! This is where I stay: Why Not Villa. It is so amazing and such a cool place to hang! Thanks B

I am really happy here. I mean, there is drama like everywhere in the world, but there is also turquoise water and so much love, so it levels out. I’ll come back end February and then I’ll go full-on-freelance mode, but for now, I’m just working a bit on it, enjoying the freedom and kiting (in like 10 mins or so. 

Jeeez, it’s actually nice to get it out there.

Lots of love

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