Back on track, yet again

Hey guys! I’m back. Yeeeew… My mood is completely liftet and I feel motivated AF. First of all, I still don’t know what I want to do with my life – work wise – but I have accepted it and I know what I want from the rest. And also, it’s a lie… Because I kinda know what I want in my “work life”, I just don’t quite know how to go about it, and that’s what I am working on at the moment. But with no resentment, just motivation. 

I read an article the other day on the danish philosopher Morten Albæk, who talks about the paradoks of work-life-balance. His key point (from my interpretation) is that this is not a thing. You can’t separate work and life, because your life is happening all the time, and you have to accept that. I read this article in the middle of my gloomy-nothing-works-for-me-period, and I believe it helped pulling me out of my mental stoner. 

I get so affected by other peoples brilliance, and I am very aware of the fact. Therefor I tend to read books on self development, views of life etc. and it helps me a lot. I don’t tend to follow rules like a slave, but I like to get ideas and implement them in my own way of thinking. And the article about mr. Albæk helped. No question. And for that particular reason, I should also get a hold of his new book, since thats the place where he really talkes about it. *Note to self! 

Okay, anyways… This has turned into a ramble. As I said my motivation is back, and I am working with the difference between what people expect and what it actually is that I want. And getting myself closer to the ladder. I fixed some things for me to work on in the future and found a way to remove myself from my day to day trivialities. Trivialities that I normally tend to be very fund of but that – for now – needs to change. More about that later, because that is a surprise. HA! 

Clearly can’t stand still when there is a combination of cold weather and a funny photographer // By Lisbeth Vestergård

For now, I’ll go shoot some pictures at an event and enjoy a night out with a most loved friend tonight. Yay.

If you wanna read the (danish) article about Morten Albæk, you can find it here.
Lots of love

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