Baby, it’s cold outside

It has been a month (more or less) since my arrival back in my apartment in Odense, and I just went over my schedule. I have had exactly two days without plans, how crazy is that.

Mind you, half (or most actually) of my plans are wonderful things with awesome people, but still… For an unemployed person, that is not a lot of time to ones own thoughts – which might be for the better. 

Anyways, what I wanna talk about is a new obsession of mine. We haven’t talked about water for quite some time, so here goes. Ever since I came back I have been going to Odense Havnebad between two and four times a week. An outdoor swimmingpool made available for the public, by the municipality of Odense. With a sauna and all. 

I find it so wonderful that my city provides this possibility, and I believe that it is something to cherish. I believe that it should be a place with a sense of community – it actually already is – and a place for everyone… That makes for a “but”. Because there is one. A “but”: I have now been going there and everyone is super friendly and happy, but the noise is killing me. And I realize that this makes me sound like an old angry lade – except the old ladies are some of the noisier ones (I’m generalizing) – and I am normally not one to complain, but in a small sauna, at seven in the morning, people should be able to be quiet with their thoughts.  

This was the first sight that met me this morning. How to start your day…
… Then I arrive at the harbour and H.C.A. is stuck in the ice. Seriously, the cold. It had changed all of a sudden!
That said, I’ll never get tired of this place, night or day. It’s wonderful, and the street art combined with the oldschool lifeguard entrance… On point!

Anyways (again)… It’s getting colder outside, and this morning there were ice on the concrete around the pool (three people actually slipped). But it is absolutely beautiful going there with the rise of the sun, and I will keep on going. Makes for wonderful mornings and sometimes I’m even lucky enough to hit a quiet time. 

Sorry for the outburst, but I kinda miss the general respect for peoples mornings. It might be due to my filled schedule, but if that’s the case I suspect others could use the quiet mornings as well.

If ever you should feel like it, come join me tho! (quietly)

Other than that, enjoy the rest of your Monday.

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