Long lost people in Copenhagen

I want to talk about food – or… At least I think that’s what is going to happen in a second anyway.

 I spend last weekend in Copenhagen, and I am very aware that this blogpost therefore is a bit delayed, but I needed a picture of my new jacket, and I got that now. Thanks to Maja (aka. my insta-wife)

So let’s start with that. Last year I proclaimed that this year would be the one where I actually bought a jacket and didn’t just make one. And I wanted a feather-oner (soooo before it turned fashion – just saying). It sounds privileged, but the jackets that I own are old, I made most of them myself and frankly I don’t want to look at them anymore. 

It so happens though, that I am unemployed and therefore unable to buy myself a jacket (without going bankrupt). Well, what then? I decided that I was allowed to buy myself a jacket ones I got a job. But also, that hasn’t happened yet. The thing that did happen was that my friend Maria found me one in a second hand store in Copenhagen and it was instant love. On top of that, I could actually afford it and therefore I got it. 

Okay, my computer sleve from O My Bag matches the autumn a little too well.
… But this jacket is soooo cozy. Nothing is gonna change that.

Okay, enough about my jacket. I love it, I’ll spend the entire winter in either that or my flight suit and that’s that. 

Copenhagen this weekend was – like the rest of my time back from Africa – packed with people. Again – I like it that way. My cousin got a baby girl, my other cousin has a boy thats turning one year old soon – aaaand she is one of my best friends with the most amazing man, so I obviously spend some time with them. My other friend (Maria) was just long lost and I needed to meet her new boyfriend, Simone from uni turned 30 and Alex and Nynne has been MIA forever, so action was needed and I made time for all of them. But jeeeez, it took some coordinating skills.

Luckily I got those skills, and most was planned with food which therefore are the things I have the most pictures of from this weekend. Amazing food though, so I thought I would share. 

First we have Bevar’s. It’s on Nørrebro and they have oat milk (note to self!).
On top of that they have a fairly simple (non detailed) menu, and I really like that.
Maria and I were walking on Ravnsborggade and she said: “I could really eat a piece of rye bread with potatoes”, and we were literally just outside the door. Destiny – we walked in!
Sunday morning, after Simone’s birthday, I went to have breakfast at Møllers in Copenhagen NV.
With waffles… It made my day!
Last but not least. Right before going back to Odense, I had coffee at Tivoli Food Hall, with Alex. Check… Everyone accounted for!


Enjoy your Thursday – I’ll run out the door and conduct an interview for my new project that kicked off this week – Bæredygtig By. Not many public things yet, but I’ll share when I have something to show. 

Lots of love

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