Rounding up – Zanzibar 2018

Let me talk a little about the last couple of days on this island. Because I leave tomorrow! Can you believe it, because I can not!? The whole experience has been absolutely glorious and completely excruciating and frustrating at the same time. Mostly the first bit, luckily. 

Yesterday I was asked what the best part of my stay here was. I think I must say the water – easy – and the people… and the uncomplicated lifestyle. But then again, that might also be the worst, or at least one of the more frustrating things. Everything goes soooo slow here. Most often it is great, but so many times you just need something to happen fairly quickly and it just doesn’t. But I guess the silver lining of that, is the patience it gives me. Maybe? 

If you followed on insta, you will have noticed, but if not here is a shout out to Braffi! The people behind Aquaholics and my bosses for the last four months. These people, I tell you guys! If ever  you visit Zanzibar, seak them out. I mean who ever sorts you out with two goals are bound to have a special place in ones heart and they do. 

Surfing has been on my list of things I wanted to learn for as long as I can remember – it has a sadness to it that I only got around to it at the age of 28 but still, it happened. And I did not regret a single thing. It is such an intense combination of feelings and it makes me feel 1) at one with nature and 2) completely in the hands of the elements. But I got up and riding properly, and for that I am eternally greatful!

Kitesurfing came later to me. I tried it out for the first time a few years ago, and since then I wanted to learn. Really learn. And what happens? I leave the island with two kites, a bar and a harness. One girl, right here, ready for next season – in the cold north. And to ad on top, the one who got me up and riding – both on the kite board, on my first wake session after the boat and on a proper long board was the Guru himself (Brad)! Thaaaanks dude! I’m eternally grateful.

If by any chance you want to check Aquaholics out, you can do it here

Anyways. I was talking about my last days here. I have had a few days off, prior to take-off, and they have been spend chilling, visiting Stone Town (my first trip outside “the thumb” – I’ve been a terrible turist) and at this wonderful, wonderful sunset cruise in the bay of Michamvi. 

It’s the little things really, but I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people. I keep mentioning it but it still holds. Amazing people who are scattered around the globe and that I will hopefully stay in contact with.

On the way to the top of Stone Town – Zanzibar Coffee House! Definitely worth a visit. And this sweet girl is such a treat! Just thought I would put it out there. Strangely, I vibe really well with traveling Germans?
Photo by Miriam // Okay, how much do you love the electricity system in Stone Town? I love it! Also, apparently a very important conversation takes place on this picture?
Sushi spot in town. I have been craving that for months by now and it was delish!
Also, they make a mean espresso.
Okay, on to sunset sailing. How great is this boat!?
Shared these guys on Insta, earlier this week! Such funny ones!
Seriously! Double decker boat. And wine. And saltwater. And great people.

Now, it’s Monday, so I’ll go dance.

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