Current living #4? Two years and counting…

Today, two years ago I was sitting in my flat – the one I was renting from one of my cousins and the one that my other cousin is now the proud owner of – writing my very first blogpost. Not a super impressive one, but the first one non the less. One about happiness. 

A happy thought

Now last year on the 11th of October I took the time to think a little about how much had happened in that one year of blogging. And it was quite a bit of changes and experiences. 

Current living #3 – One year anniversary

Now reflecting on that year plus the one that just passed (in lightning speed) I really, really can’t believe it. It’s so crazy but I love it. New countries, new cities, new people, new degrees (two), new sports (plurals), new jobs, love and sooo many sweet memories. 

For me this blog has become somewhat special to me. I have always been very much on love with words and this fascination hasn’t become smaller over the years. Last year I mentioned that this blog in some ways works like a (very public) diary for me, and that statement still holds. 

What it can not do for me, is predict the future. I have some dreams and if they could come true I would be the happiest girl in the world. However, I haven’t quite figured out how to solve them yet, so I guess my first go-to plan when I come home is find something that will create some income. At the moment I am completely broke so something has to be done, anyways. 

Speaking of home, I now have only twelve days left in Zanzibar. Twelve more days to live in the moment here, twelve more days to enjoy and twelve more days with turquoise water. 

In some ways I am so ready to go home. To see my family and to see my dogs and my friends. And to see the last bit of scandinavian autumn before winter is coming (movie quote intended). I always get this ready-feeling before I am leaving a place, like my body is preparing for the change.  But I am also scared that there are some people that I will not see again and that kills me. 

Generally I believe that if people are ment to stay in contact, they will, but distance and climate differences does funny things to people. But for now (perfect loop) I will focus on that current living I keep preaching and enjoy my beach bum life for a few more days.

I try to make the most of my days here (at you can clearly see)…
… Hanging with awesome people…
… And enjoying that we have a bit shorter opening hours.
But really I will not complain. This is the low tide view from work and that is pretty awesome.

Lots of love

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