Do you know those girls (or boys) who play “the game”!? Like, “you have to wait this and this long to write” or “you wrote or called last, so don’t do it now”. I am not one of those… at all. I simply don’t know how to.

And this does not only apply to for example dating. It applies to all sort of interactions. And I find it silly. I find it to hide intentions and nurture speculations that has no place on earth. Okay maybe that’s a little drastic but you get my point.

Anyways, that’s what I have spend my morning thinking about. A long time ago I wrote in one of my many books that I would like to tell a truth every day, to someone. This statement is kind of vague but the intention fits my point today.

Have you ever had a relationship (like a human interaction with a social contract) where you just say what’s on your mind? Where you write or call when you feel like it and trust the other person to do the same? I am developing that with a few people at the moment and let me tell you one thing: it is freeing.

It takes some practice, because “the game” has in bigger or smaller scale (I imaging for many people) been the norm for years. But this is my recommendation today. Start saying what’s on your mind, with no hidden agenda behind. With no expectations and no guards up.

If, however, you’ve already tried this, let me know how you feel about it, below. Maybe there is something to be considered.

Lots of love

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