People I admire #3: Josie

So I have a new girl crush. I haven’t done one of these people-I-admire-posts in a long time, so I thought it was about time and Josie seamed like the right choice.

Because I do really admire her. I met her here in Zanzibar, about two weeks ago. She comes in the office and immediately I get a nice vibe. She came more or less straight from the airport, and like me when I first arrived, she was completely in love with the view, the surroundings and the vibe.

Anyways… This wonderful girl recently asked her employer for a sabbatical and now, more or less out of nowhere, she decided to travel the world for a year, just for kitesurfing. Talk about jealous much!?

Zanzibar was her first stop and already she wanted to stay… Can’t imagine the struggle she is gonna have with all her new places, but it says something about her ability to connect with people, which is amazing!

So we spend two weeks just half time hanging and half time bumping in to one another and it has been a blast. Dancing at the beach bars and best of all kiting together for an hour. You read about my session from last week? It was with her!

At the moment she left us for a safari but she will come back briefly for her kite gear and I can’t wait! And then she is off to Mozambique for some more kiting and some new people… And I will miss her and her courage and honesty!

I have previously talked about my fast linking to people, and this girl is definitely one that I feel like I will stay in contact with forever. At the very least I will follow her adventures and thoughts on her travel blog for the next 12 month.

So this is from her first attempt on a directional, and she kinda nailed it!
… And this is just form a “normal” session, same day… Awesome girl this one.
Now, who wouldn’t fall in love with this sweetheart!?
The view is not bad either, from our sunset trip to Michamvi.

So shout out to my Jo’s!

Lots of love

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