I might have been cursed!

It all started in the beginning of my stay here: I had a day off, planned, and I wanted to spend it tanning. It turned out to be a day of storm and rain…

A few weeks later, my two wonderful bosses, Brad and Steffi, plan a SUP tour with me to the waves – it was stormy and rainy!

Then two days ago, we all wanted to take a boat out to the waves to do a morning surf… Too stormy and no waves…

Yesterday I was supposed to go surfing in the morning, but there was no space. Therefore I planned on a day of kiting – we did have marvellous wind the day before. But yet again… No luck! Completely calm and still.

Okay… last try: today I went for a morning surf. Or I was supposed to… it got canceled due to crazy weather conditions. No no no. Just my luck.

Okay enough of this complaining! When looking past my previous failed attempts to do water sports, I have actually managed to do a fair bit this week!

Monday: my so far longest SUP session, trying to keep up with Steffi… but no luck there though.

Tuesday: after the failed attempt to go to the waves in the morning, conditions got better and the others went – I stayed and watched the shop. However, when they came back Brad took me wakeboarding behind the boat – my first attempt ever – and it was wicked!!! Wuuuup! Afterwards – believe it or not – I had a kite session and something just clicked. Awesome riding, good speed and with my new bestie Josie (more about her one of the next few days)

Wednesday: that would be yesterday… The day with no wind and me having a day off. I did however go with one of my friends SUPing to the waves, and in the afternoon I went with three other people (Josie being one of them) on a sunset cruise to Michamwe. A trip I would recommend everyone to experience!

That brings us to today. Sorry for the rant guys, but I really think I might have been cursed. Maybe there is then hope for my love life!? Who knows… On the plus side my body is completely broken by now, but in that nice way, where you can feel every muscle that you used (it seems to be all of them)

Awesome people…
… And a wonderful sunset.

Anyways, enjoy your Thursday
Lots of love

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