And finally there was proof

My original – and most pressing – goal of coming to Zanzibar in the first place, was to learn the intense art of kitesurfing. I’ll call it intense because in contrast to wave surfing, this sport requires a great deal of equipment, it’s dealing with great powers of nature and it is absolutely thrilling. 

The last couple of sessions that I have had, has been frustrating, at best. I have struggled with going up-wind (i still struggle with that a bit), riding left and even riding long tacks or staying on the board for that matter. For sure, conditions have been light wind and high tides, but still…

Now yesterday I finally had a break through and every time this happens I fall in love with the sport all over again. It’s such an intense feeling, and where surfing gives me a sense of undisturbed tranquility, kiting gives me such a rush. 

I get the most humbling feeling, realizing the great (physical) powers at play. I am at the absolute mercy of the wind, the water and my own abilities and it makes me stay completely in the moment, focusing on what I am doing. It is a feeling linking directly to the roots of current living for me. 

On top of all of this, Sanne, my colleague here, came walking down the beach to take photos of me, so finally there is some proof. Thank you so much sweetie! 

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