Something about African time

We joke about it, this thing called African time. And it has quite a stereotypical ring to it as well. But let me just assure you, it’s very real and should – in some cases anyway – be appreciated more.

Most of the guests we have here tend to point out the eternal wait for everything, and the stress they feel because of it. Like: “seriously, we had to wait 10 min for a soda, even though there were no other guests!?”. Well let me just tell you: I have waited for more than an hour for food, in the same conditions and I have stopped stressing about it. And it is such a relief!

In general I consider myself very patient (with other people, not so much with things happening and stuff) but this island has brought it to a whole other level. A level I really like. I will not deny my fondness of efficiency but to be able to step back and let things happen in their natural (slow) pace brings an extra dimension I think. Does this even make sense?? It’s something about current living I think.

Like now, for instance. I am currently placed on the sun bed at Aquaholics waiting for any breath of wind so that the instructors can go in the water. Uh and also waiting for the water to come a little closer since we have spring tides at the moment. I am drinking my coffee, looking at people walking past and I can do nothing to change the situation. And I like it!

… And this is my current view. Not too bad!

I think that was all. Enjoy your Sunday and keep it slow.
Lots of love

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