Something about opportunities

So, this took me a bit more than a month, which is silly actually. I guess that happens sometimes, when occupied with other things. I have moved to Zanzibar, Africa, for a short time and I can only recommend it. It’s weird, but for me it works kind of like a soft transcendence form uni-life to adult-life with so much chill time but still some actual work hours. 

What is most amazing, is my unique chance to actually get to do some water sports. The last week I have been SUPing every morning, I get to learn both kite surfing and wave surfing and on top of that, my office view is turquoise water, sun and white sand. What more could I want?!

You know when you hear people being given a unique chance and they are debating whether to go for it or not? For me, I always tell people to go for it, so when a unique opportunity occurred to me, I had to go for it, no questions asked. And it’s the best thing I have ever done. 

For my thesis, I interviewed a very special person and I would like to mention her here, because she has been such an inspiration to me. Kathrine Laursen. She works as a sports performance coach, and she decided to turn her whole company digital, in order to be able to move to Thailand and live a life she can control herself. 

For me, she has turned into I weird, long distance, guideline that enables me to get back to focusing on what really matters to me, and I must say I adore her for that. 

Anyways… Life here is good and right now, for me, this is perfect.

The water was crazy glassy this morning.
… And the people were perfect.
Aquaholics crew.
The view from this place changes so much. It is a new beach every day, and I love it. This is from one of the shallow days, out in the lagoon.
… And this is from my favorite time of the month. Neap tides and white beaches!
The best thing about this place, however, is the people… Absolutely adorable!
Now, on another note. If someone was wondering about my favorite colour palette, you add a little (a lot of) black, and you have the answer. Simply love this picture.

Lots of love.

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