A Travel Report

I am going back to Zanzibar, and if you followed my Instagram just a little bit you will probably have noticed. I had to reschedule my flight in the first place do to an issue with my Danish A-kasse, which for me was super annoying for me since I see it as a stupid rule that your feet have to be placed in Denmark after graduating, but that is that. My rescheduling was handled super easy but also super expensive, but as I tend (try) to say – “It’s just money”.

Now yesterday, finally, it was finally time for me to go and then my flight was delayed. I went on the first (of three) plain with the believe I could still make my connection, since I had a three-hour gap. It didn’t happen. I ran for it, but they closed the gate and there was no helping it.

Up to SAS, talk about the rebooking – easy peasy but not without tears, just because I was tired – including hotel and meals. But when to continue my journey then?  Well that will be today… Tonight. I was supposed to leave Copenhagen yesterday at 18.30 and I will leave London today 18.25.

Enough about this though. I had a great – slow – day with a good breakfast, a long shower, some conversations with rebooking people, an awesome lunch, a completely uncomplicated boarding (mad probs to Heathrow Airport) and currently with an iced tea, football (Brazil 1 – 0 Mexico in writing moment) and some blogging. Not too bad at all.

Hotel tiredness waiting for food.
Now let me tell you something about this burger – because it is a burger. Unfortunately they were just out of buns and there was only one slice of tomato and only half a salad leaf. But it was food, I was hungry and a weird (pretty young) Maltese guys sat down next to me and started flirting heavily – And I was not the most gracefull eater. Well well… All in all an interesting combination.
This morning turned in to a mini spa with my new dry brush from Karmameju and a bathtub bath afterwards.
Check this lunch out! Amazing Lobster – King Prawn – Mac’N’Cheese.
And now there is some progress… And I match with my passport – How even?!

I’ll get back ones I arrive in Zanzibar.
Lots of love

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