A Zanzibar fascination

Blue safari trip, with a whole day of sailing… That will be me in my right element.

Wuup… I am home after two absolutely amazing weeks in Zanzibar. I booked my trip through De Brede Planker and I will absolutely recommend everyone to check them out. You go to the most wonderful beach, you have a package deal and you don’t have to plan much – good for me, writing my thesis!

I went to this adorable B&B-ish – Ebb & Flow – in a shared room and for me, travelling alone, that was spot on! During the last two weeks I have shared it with three different people and I have so much love for all of them. The whole vibe at Ebb & Flow is so welcoming, and I do not believe – apart from the first night – that I have spent any time alone… And I didn’t want to.

My kite surfing and wave surfing has been a blast, and if I wasn’t obsessed with water before, I am now. The Aquaholics team are awesome, and I can’t wait to see them again… Because… Tadaaaa… I’m flying back out there, but more about that later.

For now, I’ll just share some pictures with you guys, so enjoy

On my fist taxi trip from the airport to Paje
… And then I landed here! come on!
The sun sets pretty early in Zanzi – 6.30 ish – but when it looks like this, I’ll live.
I had no clue about proper pricing, so I would recommend people to check before going to the market, BUT… The fruit here is worth every shilling (local currency)
How many Aqua people does it take to raise a boat and change it into a sign? Perfect combination of nice people, right there! ?[[[[[
I wish I could say it was me, but I have no pictures of me kiting… but it is my coach and co-owner of Aquaholics, Brad, and he is one cool dude.
I shared this on Insta, the other day, but I still love it. It absolutely captures the feeling I got from Zanzi… However, the season will apparently escalate soon so I’m happy I got to see the peaceful version.
Blue safari… No words needed
… And the mangroves (trees growing in water) and coral stone islands
I could say a lot of things about these two, but what I really want to focus on is the chapatti with banana and pineapple in Jakes left hand! I do not know how I will ever again live without it. It is the absolutely best thing, after a surf… or at any time really.
The paradise island can also get some thunder and rain, but really… The colours… It has it’s own charm.
The quality of this picture could be better, but again… the sunsets and the colours it creates… I can never get enough…
Biking trip… And a long one…
We really wanted to see The Rock (restaurant) but there was no need of going out there. We spend the afternoon in a hotel where we could enjoy the view instead.
… Continuing the trip to Chwaka Bay to see the sunset…
… And it was beautiful…
Now here is one crazy lady… Bee is soooo sweet, funny, crazy, etc… And I miss her already!
… Don’t know who this is, but the bright colours and the turquoise water is for me just… perfect…
This is basically right next to the surf spot…
… But it is also near a reef, perfect for snorkling.
Just love… Right before leaving the next morning… Thank God I’m gonna see all three of them again… Yip yip.



I don’t know how to describe how great this trip has been for me, but I do believe that you have to do what makes you happy – hence me flying back out!

Take care
Lots of love

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