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It’s been a while, which is due to a severe case of thesis writing which is now done. I’m not sure that I quite understand it yet, since it has been 4 very focused months, but maybe I’ll get a grasp of it soon. In any case, it has been a wonderful time, with a lot of good people around me and the privilege to spend time investigating a subject of my own choosing. How blessed is that?

Now to the challenging part. What to do with my life? I have a lot of interests which I would love to be able to include in my future work, but I would also love to find work on my island andperhaps within biking range. I think? I mean if the right job or some amazing people show up I’m obviously not going to be picky!

I love to be organized and I love to be creative and I hope that I can find a middle ground that will allow me to use both talents. And I looooove beautiful things, beautiful surroundings and beautiful people. Fingers crossed.

Luckily I still have some time to ponder on the subject, first of all because I will be waiting on my grand, but second – and best – of all, because I will be leaving the country today! Yay!!

I am flying to Zanzibar tonight – with De Brede Planker – to do surfing for two weeks and I am ever so happy. I hope I can get some WiFi so that I can keep people posted – mainly on Instagram I suspect – and then I’ll give a report here, ones I come back.

In the meantime – Take care
Lots of love

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