An impulsive weekend

What happens when you give your camera lens sunglasses in a bright forrest?

I tend to say that I live current living, which is such a flimsy expression to be fair. It is sometimes hard to pinpoint which things I do to maintain this way of living, but my weekend is a good example I think.Friday was (like any other Friday) filled up with 1) morning workout in Løfteriet at 7am and 2) thesis all day. Nothing special there… I really love the theme I am writing about and the whole process about it, which keeps me ever so positive during this whole semester. I know some people are struggling and I don’t mean to be an ass about it but I just… like it.

Anyway, Saturday my friend Niels called me and said his plans had been cancelled and asked what I was doing. It happened so, that so were mine. For sure, the proper thing would have been to write on that thesis because let’s face it, it’s due in a month. Well well, that didn’t happen, and N came to visit. Yay! (So here is one of my points… Impulsiveness… Say yes… It will probably work out)

Saturday, we went to Amfiscenen in Odense because the whole yard was filled with tables and board games. How amazing is that, btw! After that we went for a trip on our longboards. I have been reluctant to go, here in Odense, because my traffic skills are not that developed, but N knew a secret (it’s not secret) biking path, so there we went. And I loved it… And then I fell. Stupid idiot. I tried to take a hill on my third go in 2 years. Not so smart eh??

Wauw, this turns into a novel! I’ll speed up.

Saturday evening, we went out and I saw my best friend and his lady (perfect) and Sunday we went to Kerteminde and had lunch and took a walk near the seaside, in a forest (also pretty damn perfect). All of this, looking like an old lady with a wooden leg, since I can only now begin to walk properly again, after the fall.

We found this pile of wood on the way… Match made in heaven

N got himself a new lens for his camera and that was to be tested, so we found a spot and it resulted in some pretty “sweet” pictures, which is maybe not my natural habitat but still… That man is gifted.

Behind the scenes #1
Behind the scenes #2
Behind the scenes #3 – The man is thinking
Poor knees
The light tho…
He literally had to pull me up from there… Old lady

So, this current living. Embrace impulsiveness, say yes (I don’t know how to say no anyway), accept that some things you can’t change (I fell, and I made wholes on my knees but that’s no argument for staying indoor – just adapt) and above all – for me anyways: try to find the positive in things. It rubs off on people.

Now I’ll enjoy my Wednesday (it’s a long day when you wake up at 5.30am) with my last guidance meeting, some thesis writing with a wonderful girl and then the countryside (my parents). The rest of the week will be spent in the beach house and I can’t wait, but more about that later.

Btw, if you want to see some of N’s work, you can check this outLots of love

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