Identity and core values

Btw… This is the first day, this year, I have taken my board out! Yay, finally!

As I am writing this, I am sitting in the sun, wondering and supposed to read a book that has to be handed in tomorrow. And I am… but it has made me think about something, that I have to write down, first. The book is called Identity – Challenges in the consumerist society by Svend Brinkmann, and it is about the creation and understanding of identity – or at least the part I have read so far.

Anyway. The point, as I understand it, is that your identity is formed by your moral compass, and that – for the most part – is what defines you. It is not what you wear or who you are seen with, but your core values and beliefs. Of course, the things you wear or the people you surround yourself with can contain certain symbolism or values of their own, and then that can help in the forming of your identity.

This is the point I want to reflect upon, and primarily in a way related to my own values (did that just turn meta??). Now one of my new year resolutions – that was not really a resolution but more a focus in general – is that I want to live more sustainable.

If you want to read about it: New Years intention

Now this is all well and good, if it happens. I do shop less – actually hardly at all. I do have a focus on the few things I buy to besustainable. I do listen to a lot of podcasts on the subject, both for inspiration and motivation. And I do try to live it is almost all aspects. But I also find that people almost laugh about it, or at least don’t understand it. They do understand that we need to save the planet. They do understand that if a t-shirt costs 50kr, someone has gotten very little pay for it. But I have the feeling – time and again – that it will not change their habits.

I don’t know where I exactly want to go with this, other than it is a general concern of mine. I know I can probably not change everyone – I can’t… I know that. And I do now believe in forcing something on people. But I do believe in setting an example that might inspire others, or at the very least inform people a little bit.

So maybe this is my point. I will surround myself with things that will reflect my core values – be it things, words or people – so that I might, on one hand build a stronger and more visible identity for myself, and on the other hand might reflect on someone else’s identity. Does that make sense?

Anyway… I have to hand the book in tomorrow, so I suppose I should get back to reading. Thank god I can sit outside, enjoying.

Lots of love

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