A family place

Absolutely adorable, these two girls

Happy Easter peeps. I am at the moment sitting in my parent’s kitchen, looking at my mom chopping vegetables and looking forward to dinner, which will be at my grandmother and grandfather’s. I have spent this mini holiday at my parent’s place, starting it up with a celebration of well… me (it was my birthday last Thursday).

The word holiday seems weird to me, since I basically control every wake moment myself this semester, but I have allowed myself not to do a lot regarding the thesis, the last couple of days – also because I am not able to concentrate out here. What I have however done, is visiting my parents new beach house, and it is absolutely adorable.

Friday, we spend down there, cleaning and just enjoying the sun. Because the sun was actually out. We even had lunch on the terrace. It still need some cleaning, and I know my parents have some adjustment plans, but what was really surprising to me, was the fact that it already feels so familiar. I have only been there ones before, before they even bought it, but it has a great soul it seems.

Now this gives me an enormous peace of mind. The fact that you can immediately feel that it was a good buy. That it will be a family place. Even the dogs felt right at home, which is always a good indicator. I hope that wherever I end up, in the next few years, will feel like that.

It’s a flat beach with flat waters and a lot of potential
… And then this was the view we woke up to this morning. Hopefully the last snowfall before proper spring.
However it made for an amazing opportunity. I build this fab lady with my mom. Extra sassy

Now enjoy that tomorrow is a fake Monday and give someone next to you a hug.

Lots of love

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