Climate change and sustainability

When you have heard the podcast, you will realize how wrong this cup of coffee is, but this is after all, how I looked, writing this post.

I think I have mentioned it before, but I have a podcast that I am completely obsessing about. And the second season has just been launched. The podcast I am talking about is in Danish, and it is called For Grim Til TV.Now the thing I would like to talk to you about today, is a thing that this podcast got me thinking about. My travel wish list. A place high on this list is Greenland. When I was a kid, there was talk about my family and me, moving up there, for half a year. That didn’t happen, but the island (let’s be fair… continent) still holds some mystery for me.

The podcast episode, which was released yesterday, is about Greenland, and especially the climate changes that are very, very evident up there. The ice is changing, the wind acts in a different way and it is influencing the culture up there, a great deal.

I would so love to go up there – preferably before it has completely changed – and I hope I will have the possibility within a few years. But I love that there is some focus on it, and I love that Anders, who is hosting the podcast, gives the rest of us the possibility to learn something about the changes up there, by dragging someone who knows – first hand – about the challenges.

So, from me: Thank you.

And if you want to listen to the podcast you can check it out here, or see the whole thing filmed here. You can also find it where you normally listens to podcasts, if that is something that you do. If you don’t… start.

Now I’ll spend the rest of my day writing about poststructuralism, for my thesis, and tonight I have been invited to a screening of a movie at the library in Odense. It is about eating animals, and it goes together with CPH.dox. I don’t know what to expect, but I am slightly stoked.

Enjoy your Wednesday

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