Speltfar Café

Thought I would have at least one picture of my new hair, still straightened. If you follow me on instagram, you might have noticed it got back to curly in the evening.

Yesterday I slept in and I cleaned the whole flat. I was having people over in the evening, so I kind of had to. But in between all of these things I had breakfast, and I would like to bring a recommendation, to those of you who have not yet been there. (btw, this is not sponsored or anything)

It’s Speltfar Café, in Odense, and the name alone should make people visit. First of all, it is located within The Organic Club, which is a sustainable store in the centre of Odense – In Brandt’s Passage to be exact, and that area is adorable. The store features all sorts of things, and it makes for really inspiring surroundings. And also, I really like their “sharing space”-idea.

Second of all, you can get your coffee with oats milk, which has sometimes proven difficult to find, for me. Added bonus, everything in the café is eco!

They don’t have the biggest menu, but for me that is actually a great thing. I don’t always get the million-choice-menu, when you might as well specialize in fewer things… Like their waffles, which I had today, with my girl, Maria.

Last thing I want to mention is the fact that they open at 08.45 on the week days, and that is just plain clever! I have yet to visit them for studying, but it is on my list.

Coffee from above. The top one, is just plain black coffee with a bit of milk, where as the lower one is mine. My marvelous cappuccino.
Apparently they have some fame going for them, but these waffles are amazing. Perfect for a small breakfast.
How adorable is this one?
I mean come on! my eternal partner in crime.

Anyway… I really recommend this place, but for now, I’ll get back to my beer-fear-fake-hungover-Sunday-series-bench-watching.

Enjoy your Sunday evening

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