Long time, no see

At the moment, this is my favorite place in the apartment. My bed. Finally have a bed head and some plants, and I find it so calming with all the green, blue and soft pink tones.

Okay, this is officially a long break from writing. It was not my intention, but sometimes life happens I suppose. I thought I would give a small update on what I have been doing since my last post, because quite a few things have happened. Everyday things, mind you, but still.

I have moved back home to Odense and my brother, and it is an absolute pleasure. I have missed both. I ended up living with my parents for one and a half month, due to some coordination with my sister whom is now traveling New Zealand, but now I’m back. In some ways it was a pleasure to be back at the countryside, but there is nothing like living with your own things and on your own terms. And also… I love that I live one minute away from everything, in here.

The main reason I haven’t been writing, I suppose, is the fact that I am writing my thesis. I felt a little behind (I am not) due to the fact that I started it up in England, away from everyone, so I have spent the first official month of my semester, deeply buried in texts. My thesis is about the perception of freedom and identity and I am super stoked about the theme. It does, however, include a lot of theory and it has taken me some time to process.

Work out
I have started Cross Fitting again, and I am super stoked! My plan was to do a lot of running, when living on the countryside, but that never happened, so I have done nothing for two months, and for me, that is too long. Now I went twice, and I have a work out tonight. On the up side it is super fun and efficient. On the down side, it still hurts like hell, and will ruin me, but I suppose it’s priorities.

The most amazing thing about being back is the people. When living where I do, it is fast and easy to see everyone, and that is exactly the way I like it. Next weekend I will celebrate my birthday with some friends and the last few weeks people have popped in for coffee and wine and study hours. This is exactly the way a thesis-period should proceed, and I found that it gives me a lot of energy.

Best (and only) buy
I went to a second-hand store with my mom on the countryside. This resulted in two new chairs (the ones we had were falling apart) and a new shelf, which originally was a flower-wagon from a greenhouse. It is super old, it was super dirty, but isn’t it super amazing? I am so happy about it, and my troublesome corner in the living room is now occupied with amazement.

Okay, I mean come on! How great is this?

Anyway. Quick update, or something. Now my goal will be not to be this absent again. Have a nice week, and seriously. Let’s hope spring is near.

Lots of love

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