Copenhagen Fashion Week and sustainability

Todays treats… And if you still have not checked it out, go see if you should support the second edition of Sustain Yearly on Kickstarter… This is their first edition, and I got my hands on one of the last copies.

I am not trying to force anything on anyone. I am not trying to preach, at all, actually! But I am trying to enlighten whoever wants to listen and open some eyes. I spend my morning yesterday at Revolver Fashion Trade Show – a fashion fare during Copenhagen Fashion Week, for those who does not know. My main goal was just inspiration and research on how many sustainable brands actually showcasing. It is not always easy to spot, but I did actually manage to find a few, that I am pretty stoked about.

On top om some very specific brands, I stumbled upon a shop that has opened in Copenhagen since I moved away. An absolutely amazing one, which I then visited today, to have a long talk about sustainability, take some photos and find some treats for myself.

The store is called Res Res and is placed on Nørrebro. It is all sustainable, has a big diversity in their products and had items both for men and women. And they are wonderful to talk to btw. If you are ever in Copenhagen, go check them out.

They have amazing interior decoration
Humdakin… Among other things they produce hand, dishwashing and laundry soap
O My Bag… Yup… These are the ones… See what they are about further down. Here seen next to some t-shirts from Elsk
Beanies, bags and stockings…
… And shirts from Elsk
On top of all of this, they also have jeans from Nudie Jeans… A brand I have spend plenty of hours researching last semester… They are great.

Now back to some of these brands they are featuring, and that I talked to at Revolver. My recommendation would be to follow them, check out their web sites and consider them when you need new underwear, a leather bag (believe it or not) or a new t-shirt. This post is not sponsored at all, I am just amazed about their contribution to a better planet.

They are located in Klitmøller in Jutland, they produce sustainable fashion and they want to tell the world. They want to set an example and they do not want to take any short cuts. And then I must say, they have an absolutely wonderful collection for both men and women coming up, primarily with shirts and sweatshirts, but see for yourself.

Check them out on Instagram and on their web site.

Amov is one of the fist Danish sustainable brands that I got to know. They use organic materials, they design long lasting items and they try to impact the planet as little as possible. Compared to Elsk they have a bigger product range, and they are even making sportswear!

Check them out on Instagram and on their web site.

Underwear for women! I mean come on… I had a long and wonderful talk to one of the creators about the feeling you get when you come home from work and take off your bra or loosens a very tight hairband (most women know what I talk about). For me it is one of the best feelings, or it was because I have become much more about comfort and as some of my friends might know I have, for the most part anyway, quit wearing those annoying bras anyway. Maybe I’ll start again though. Anyways, these products are SO soft and of you get the chance, get your hands on them!

Check them out on Instagram and on their web site.

O My Bag
Now to the treat of the day… A leather sleeve for my new MacBook, dyed with plant dye and made in India, on a factory where everyone – men and women – are paid the same. I love it, and I have such a thing for leather, that it was only a matter of time before I found a sleeve made of leather as well!

Check them out on Instagram and on their web site.

I hope you can find some inspiration in this, or that you will at least think about them, the next time you go shopping.

Much love

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