New computer (and old one), cultural studies book, calendar and coffee with ecological oat milk in it. Perfect morning.

I had to buy a new computer yesterday. The other one did not want to start. That has happened before, but I will not risk my thesis, which I am about to start. Therefore, I now have 2, but to be fair, the old one can’t even be moved if it is on, so it was about time.

From a sustainable point of view, there is some challenges. Do I reeeeally need a new one, since I can probably get the other one to run again? (I did). I bought a mac (I am completely handicapped on a PC) and I do realize that that might not be the smartest choice money-wise. I do, however, believe that the things you buy, should be things you treasure. I will treasure this! Also, it is way lighter. I mean way, way lighter (the old one is 6 years old = very heavy). It will be so wonderful when I am bringing it to different places and travelling in the future.

I was listening to the Sustain Daily Podcast yesterday (it is in Danish) and in episode 9, they have the most wonderful conversation about materialism. They talk about the fact that we in western society is not materialistic enough. Before you shoot me down, allow me to elaborate:

Materialistic is not to be confused with consumerist. Consumerism is not a thing that we lack… at all. Materialistic should be seen in the light that the things we buy – because that will happen sometimes – should be of good materials and high quality. Instead of saving instant money, sometimes (I would argue often) it is a good idea to buy something slightly more expensive. It is often the case that it will last longer, and there is also a chance that one might treasure it more. I know that it is the case for me. Think long and hard about the things you buy and only buy the best things that you know you can use for a long time. Now that, for me, is an important fact, when talking sustainability.

Find more about the Sustain Daily podcast and blog here.

On another note, you know what I also bought? An Eco-Bamboo toothbrush, and it was not more expensive than the plastic ones that everyone has. It is even wrapped in bio degradable packaging. Isn’t that lovely? One small step towards less plastic in your everyday life.

On that note, have a wonderful Thursday, and please comment if you have any thoughts about this.

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