All by myself

Yeeeeah I’m looking forward to this one.

You know what I did yesterday? Spend a day with myself. Just me! It has been so long. We started the day saying goodbye to two of the girls from the flat (we are not many left now) and then Laury and I, went running. You heard right! I have started again!

After the run I had lunch, but then I left the flat. Everyone was doing uni-work or had prior plans, and I didn’t really have anything that I had to do. I decided to go to my favorite café over here, to start working on my thesis. And I did! I actually did decent work, which I find very satisfying.

On top of it all, I am the luckiest girl in the world. Got a gift… My favorite number from Mettricks! 2018 can properly start now.

After some hours Laury came by to drink a cup of coffee with me. A coffee that grew into a vegetarian pizza and garlic bread at The Stables which is right next to the café! A very, very nice pizza as a matter of fact!

My whole plan of the day, was to see the new Star Wars movie at the cinema at our university. It has been somewhat a challenge to me. Two days ago I mistook the times, so I was late – my mistake for sure! Now, yesterday no one showed up! I waited in vain for half an hour before I gave up. That was just annoying. I had my book, so it was not a complete waste of time, but still. I went home afterward in a foul mood. I was actually looking forward to movie night just with me, but it didn’t seem to happen.

I called Laury to complain. You know, the way you have to complain when you are just feeling sorry for your self and are bored on top of that. What does she say then? “Why don’t you just go to the other side of the street in the real cinema and see it there?” Brilliant!! And I did. And it was amazing… Good that I have such clever people around me.

Coming back from the movie Laury and I ended having a cup of tea, eating a mango and I fixed her nails (such a weird girly feeling)! Until 01.30 at night.

My whole point of writing about this satisfying, annoying and then wonderful day was to point out that I really needed it. Being here has emphasised my need of alone time as well! I love my girls but solo times has become so important for me.

So… Perfect

I mean come on! How great does this look!? Yum!

Now there is only a week left here and we are going dancing tonight.
Enjoy the rest of your Thursday


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