New Years intention

The New Year must be a time for reflection I suppose. It has been for me, anyway. (Well.. The reflection part has been going on for some time actually). Both when it concerns a longer perspective, a short one and an all around lifestyle.

I have spend the last half year – more or less – in England, as you would have noticed. And it has been wonderful! It has also been an eye opener towards my need for traveling. And for staying flexible when it comes to my location.

I will start my master thesis in… Well… I more or less started come to think of it, but it will go on until May/June. And what then? This is the question I – with no close run ups – gets asked the most! I don’t know! And I don’t mind! (I want to stay flexible)

I do however have a form of a New Years resolution, or intention if you will. This last semester has been so concerned with sustainability in general and especially sustainable fashion (during my uni-work). To be honest, it is quite horrible to think about the way we treat the planet, having an industry that is the second most harmful next to the oil industry.

While staying here, I only shopped 3 clothing items (and 2 pairs of sneakers – who is perfect) and I didn’t really miss it at all. The shopping. Therefore, my New Years intention is to only buy good, long lasting, natural and sustainable products. It is to cut down on my consumption in general – let’s be honest… I have some things that I can wear!

In this way, I imagine that I will have way more money for traveling or doing things with my friends! I will have time to go visit someone without panicking about money, but with the opportunity just to enjoy their company.

Now this leads me to my future planning – which is still very flimsy! It would be so amazing for me if I could create the opportunity for myself to be my own boss, allowing me to work and travel at the same time. At the moment I have a quite low budget base back home, which could allow me some freedom.

Now how to fix this little hiccup, I don’t yet now, but I don’t really have to decide yet, now do I?

Happy New Year


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