Flying home for Christmas

Me and Ing, right before we said merry Christmas

At the moment, I am sitting at Gatwick Airport with a beer, charging my phone and snapping/insta-snapping with about as many people as possible. I still have about two hours to go (flying at 16.10) and that is actually alright. I kind of like sitting, observing people, and having time to myself. Thought I would do some uni-work, but that does not seem to happen. Wonder why.

One thing that is a pity though, is the fact that I am flying from the South Terminal, and Ingid – whom I travelled with – is flying from the North. Just as we arrived in the airport, we had to split up… Silly really.

Enough about that. I want to write about the feeling of home. Just this morning, I talked on the phone with my grandmother, and we reached the conclusion that within the last 3 years, I have lived 10 places. Seriously. What is up with that? I think I can justify calling myself a nomad by now then.

I don’t mind, really, but I have this weird feeling that I will have a hard time staying in one place for more than a year by now. I don’t really know how to do it. And then there is this whole feeling of where you think your home is. I say home for Christmas – To my parents. I do however feel that England is my home right now. And I would probably also say that I am moving “back home to Copenhagen” if that will ever be the case. And my things are at my flat, which I share with my brother in Odense, which my sister is renting at the moment. But it is really my home, to be fair?

This could end up being one big philosophical discussion, but my point is just that I don’t really feel that I belong anywhere 100%. And I think that I like it. It is like I have the opportunity to go anywhere and that, for me, is quite intriguing.

But for now, it is just home… First to Copenhagen where I am going to see FQ and sleep at my cousins, and tomorrow to my parents… Travelling light, with just a hand luggage (filled with shoes mainly). I am so scared that I will not be able to fit everything in, in January, so I thought I would bring the first things home already.

Have a wonderful Christmas

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