Let’s go out and dance

Aaaaand that’s a wrap

It is the weirdest things mixing two worlds that would otherwise stay forever split. More or less, anyway. Non the less, that was what happened this weekend. Maria was here… My partner in crime Maria. My let’s-go-out-and-dance Maria. In Southampton.

She arrived on Thursday and stayed until this morning. Three-ish days, and I do not know where they went. The days. It has all happened so fast. It was wonderful, but time is seriously disappearing between my fingers. I only have two month left here – split by a Christmas in Denmark – and then I will be back home with a thesis hanging over my head.

It puts things into perspective and enhances the need for living in the moment. For reacting on impulses and just going with whatever feels right. Dance on a Tuesday – or Thursday if I feel for it. Go look at the sun if that is what is needed. Or the water if you can find it.

I know these things and I have talked about it before, but I really love how small events can sometimes drag me right back in focus. Maria did that, so thank you for that darling.

On Saturday – yesterday – we went to Isle of Wright… And found the elusive water. Do enjoy:

Now here is a combination I didn’t think I would ever see. But I love it non the less
I missed her! So much more than I thought
… But who wouldn’t?
If it weren’t enough me having company, so did Lau. Vic and his brother… Perfect timing! (and I do mean that)
I am so lucky to have a friend who appreciate the water as much as me… Almost anyway
So much love in this picture… So much

Have the most wonderful of Sundays!
Love Line

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